1. Covid-19 and the Collapse of the Medical Industrial Complex -Access VIDEO HERE.

  1. Women of Courage in Public Health

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  1. President Health and the 25th Amendment

The slide collection below are companion to the 2019 course, “Presidents Health and the 25th Amendment”, at the President’s College at the University of Hartford. They are open source with appropriate attribution.

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3. The Kevlar Network

This series of slides raises key Code Blue questions with links to answers. It is designed to introduce subject matter and provoke interest in study of the Medical Industrial Complex.

The Kevlar Network of the collusive Medical-Industrial Complex is revealed in its entirety in the book, CODE BLUE. Order online 6 ways HERE.

The Resources compiled here are a visual companion to the Kirkus Star reviewed “CODE BLUE: Inside the Medical-Industrial Complex.” The book captures the personal stories of hundreds of individuals and corporations as it unravels the threads of the Kevlar strength collusive networks that pursues cure over care, and profit over everything else. The images below provide a taste of CODE BLUE’s richness. Purchase your copy online now from any of six sources HERE.

Hint: At the crossroads of advertising, politics, and philanthropy – in NYC, Miami, and Wash, DC. Answer: HERE
Hint: Created 1st ever TV drug advertorial in 1957, died 30 years later leaving a legacy of death and human destruction. Answer: HERE
Hint: If you think you’re “Type A”, he’s the reason why! Answer HERE.
Hint: The blame game involved age and sex.
Hint: The leading cause of childhood death in 1900 was diptheria.
Hint: His step-daughter was an aspiring actress and he loved the view from Lake Shore Drive.
Hint: In 1998, Delta Shuttle had flights from NYC to Boston every hour on the hour.
Hint: She was still in her teens when she was named delegate from her Republican District (Beverly Hills) to the Republican Convention by the head of the party in CA, Ronald Reagan.
Hint: His name is synonymous with reform.
Hint: Success was his downfall.
Hint: He had recently published a book with cover art of baby dolls strewn across the shore line of the Dead Sea.